How To Color Hair At Home

I’m sharing my technique on how to color hair at home. I’ve colored my hair for several years, and prefer to use safer hair coloring products that keep harmful chemicals to a minimum.  Read on for the step by step instructions.

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Hair Color Products I Use 

My two favorite at-home hair coloring kits are Tints of Nature Simply Healthier Hair Colour and Naturtint Permanent Hair Color.  Both of these products do an excellent job of coloring hair without harsh chemicals, plus they cover up to 100% of those pesky greys.  Today I’m using Tints of Nature.


The manufacturer recommends doing skin sensitivity and strand tests 48 hours before using this product.

Choosing A Hair Color

When choosing a color it’s important to pick a color that is close to your natural color. If your hair is brown or darker, trying to go more than one shade lighter is likely to bring up unwanted brassiness (orange-red tones) that are difficult to remove. Tints of Nature Hair Color a gentle product. It will take your hair any shade darker, or lift up to one shade.


A few days before coloring, to give my hair strength and moisture, I use a deep conditioning treatment. I’ve been quite happy with Macadamia Professional Nourishing Repair Masque.

When I am ready to color, I gather all my coloring essentials.

  • box of hair color 
  • plastic mixing bowl
  • gloves
  • hair coloring brush
  • cape to cover clothing
  • rat-tail comb
  • clips for sectioning
  • timer

Mixing Hair Colors

Most shades of medium or dark brown shades come out too dark on my hair. But when I combine 5N (natural light brown) a small amount of the 6N dark blonde it’s just right for my medium brown hair. Tints of Nature colors are inter-mixable. However, they are always mixed equal parts 50/50 ratio (colur fix and color gel). You can create a custom color for yourself. For more information on mixing see the website:


The first step is to shampoo hair with Clarifying Shampoo provided in the box. This shampoo helps to remove any build-up from the hair. Towel-dry the hair and comb through tangles. For better control, make clean partings and section the hair into four sections and secure them with plastic clips. You can apply the color to damp hair.

Next put on the gloves. Then pour the Colour Gel and Colourfix into a mixing bowl and stir them together. Mix them in equal parts 50/50 ratio. If you are doing a touch-up to the new growth only, half of each is usually enough for me. I use a small measuring cup to measure accurately. Tightly close the bottle and save the remainder for the next time.

With the brush, start applying the color in front along the hairline & temple area (if you have grey there). Then outline all the partings you made when you sectioned the hair with color.

Next, I use the rat-tail comb to take small sections of hair (about 1/2 inch thick) and brush color on each front and back piece.

If coloring all the hair, work it through your hair to ends. If doing a touch-up, apply it only to the new growth. If your entire hair color looks faded, do the new growth first, let it process, and then pull the color through to the ends the last 5 minutes before rinsing out.


Put on the plastic cap, cover the hair completely, and remove the gloves. Then set a timer for 30 minutes. (For grey hair coverage or hair lightening, leave on for up to 40 minutes.)


Lastly, put the gloves back on and remove the plastic cap. Rinse the hair under warm water until the water runs clear, shampoo with the Hydrate shampoo, rinse, condition then style.

Here is my end result. The color is almost exactly the same as my natural color.


Tints of Nature and Naturtint do not test on animals. They are free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, sulfates, gluten, DEA, Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, Silicone, Mineral Oils, Colour stripping salts, SLS/SLES, and GMO ingredients.

I’ve used it for several years and always like the results I get. It leaves my hair with a healthy shine and helps keep in good condition. If you want a permanent, less toxic hair color that offers good gray coverage Tints of Nature and Naturtint are good choices.

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