Nuface Review

Hello everyone.  I’m excited to tell you all about a a new skincare tool I purchased.  Today I’m doing a Nuface Review.  The Nuface is a facial  toning device that uses gentle microcurrent to stimulate facial muscles and tighten the skin on the face and neck.  

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After thinking about for quite a while, I finally purchased bought it.  I used the Nuface Facial Trainer and the ELE Eye & Lip attachment.  I used them faithfully as recommended by the Nuface company for five days a week for the first sixty days, then two to three times a week.  Read on for how to use this device and my results.


The Procedure

The first step is to cleanse the skin with an oil-free cleanser. There can’t be any oil on the skin or the device can’t conduct the microcurrent properly. Next, put on the attachment you want to use on the base of the Nuface Trainer. It snaps in place very easily.

The regimen isn’t painful, but a gel is needed to help it glide smoothly.   Apply the Nuface gel to the area to be treated first, which is the neck for me. Turn on the unit on by pushing the start button. The intensity level is adjustable to your comfort level by pressing the plus or minus buttons.

I use it on my neck (avoiding the thyroid area) jawline, cheek, brow, and forehead in an upward and outward motion.  It may seem somewhat awkward at first, but the entire process takes only about ten minutes after becoming accustomed to the routine.

Me Using the Nuface

I used the Lip and Eye Attachment, (which can be purchased separately.) This tool helps reach the delicate skin of the brow bone, under the eyes and around the lips.  It’s used by lifting, holding, and waiting for a beep, then moving to the next position. 

For under the eye, apply the gel and starting at the outer corner, glide to the inner corner and then repeat the sequence two more times.  Use the same process around the brow bone skin. 

For the lips, appy it at the outer edge, upper, and bottom lip wait for the beep and repeat two more times.

The Nuface Mini (a petite version) is available, and less expensive, but you can’t use the ELE attachment with it.

The Results

The first improvement I noticed was the skin had an overall youthful flush. The dark circles were less noticeable, and the brow bone area looked lifted. I like to apply my eye serum immediately after to enhance the effect.

My lips looked plumper and the corners seemed a little lifted. I applied my daytime skincare immediately after using the unit in hopes it helped the products absorb better. 


More improvement was noticeable after using it consistently for several months, because the muscles became stronger from the stimulation of the microcurrent. For example, my jawline and neck looked firmer. Also, the lines between the brows improved.

The marionette lines look less prominent, and I see fewer fine lines around the eyes. It’s not a drastic change, but a subtle brightening lift and tone. It’s great when you can find an at-home facial firming device that doesn’t require trips to the doctor’s office or needles.

I like using it before a night out, while getting ready for work, or anytime to get a a more youthful glow and tightening.

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Thanks for reading today.  I hope you have a good week.  Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified every time I post.


The Nuface FAQ

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