Tone Glutes And Legs With Hip Resistance Bands

Hello everyone! Vacation and swimsuit season are upon us. I hope you have some fun activities planned. If you are looking for ways to tone up, I’ve had some good results by adding resistance bands for glutes to my traditional exercises. Not only can they strengthen muscles but can help prevent osteoporosis. They provide tension much like weights.

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I work out five days a week and often do fitness classes that involve using bands. But then I get frustrated when the latex kind roll up on my thighs are uncomfortable. Enter Five Nine South Premium Hip Resistance Bands. These are resistance bands for glutes and legs that don’t roll up while exercising.


They are available in two sizes small/medium and large and made from thick woven non-slip fabric cloth, The set of two bands are the same size but made from different materials, and have different resistance levels. You can start with the Bullitt Grey and progress to the Hendrix Blue, and then as your muscles become stronger, you won’t need to buy another band. Five Nine South Premium Hip Resistance Bands have the perfect amount of elasticity and stretch for me. I could feel the difference the minute I put them on.

One of the things I like most about these bands is they are lightweigh and are easy to carry on the go. Each set comes with a mesh carrying case that easily slips into luggage or a gym bag. They don’t take up much space and go almost anywhere. I like to use them to work out at home as well.

How To Use Resistance Bands For Glutes And Legs

Five Nine South Premium Hip Resistance Bands are compatible with a wide variety of workouts – warm-up, stretching, strength training, rehabilitation, and more. I place them around the thigh area, about two inches above my knees, for traditional exercises like squats, lunges, back and side lifts. If you are looking for more ways to use the bands, try holding some dumbells with your routine.

Side Leg Lift With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be an excellent tool to add to a strength training routine when used correctly. They help tone muscles, improve bone density and are trouble-free. Please see your doctor before performing any new exercise program if you have any health concerns.

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