Why You May Need Scalp Exfoliation

Hello everyone! Today I’m talking about how scalp exfoliation and how it may help thinning hair.  We know about the benefits of exfoliation for the face and body, but the scalp is often neglected.  It needs care just like the rest of our skin.

I was shopping at Ulta for hair regrowth products to improve my thinning hair and prevent further hair loss when a stylist suggested that before beginning any program, a scalp exfoliation treatment would be helpful.

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Scalp Exfoliation Benefits

  • This treatment has several benefits.  First, it deep cleans the scalp by removing dirt, pollution, excess oil, and hair products (like dry shampoo) which can block the pores. When this happens it can affect the quality of hair growth or stop it altogether.
  • Next, scalp exfoliation stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood circulation, thus bringing vital nutrients and minerals to the area.
  • Sluffing off dead skin cells helps hair treatment products absorb better as well.  A healthy, clean scalp is critical to hair growth.

The Scalp Exfoliation Treatment

The stylist washed my hair with Nioxin Cleansing Shampoo. Nixon products were developed especially for thinning hair.  This shampoo helps remove buildup and follicle-clogging scalp residue.  What’s more, it’s made with vitamins, botanicals, and has an SPF 15.  It’s available in the following formulations:

  • System 1 is for fine hair with light thinning.  
  • System 2 is for fine hair with progressed thinning.
  • System 3 is for color-treated hair with light thinning.
  • System 4 is for color-treated hair with progressed thinning.
  • System 5 is for chemically treated hair with normal/light thinning, and with very dry hair.
  • System 6 is for chemically treated hair with progressed thinning.

Next, she sectioned my hair in four sections and applied the Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment over my entire scalp and left it on for ten minutes.  It’s like having an anti-aging facial for the scalp.  After that, she washed the treatment out and applied a conditioner.  The stylist recommended scalp exfoliation monthly.  You can buy it here.

At-Home Methods:

There are also some at-home methods to exfoliate the scalp.  Gently rubbing a scalp care brush through the scalp while shampooing also helps removes flakes physically.  You can buy one here.

This treatment is most often done on wet, just-washed hair.  Never exfoliate the scalp if you have irritation, cut, or if your scalp is feeling too sensitive.


In the next few days after the treatment, my hair and scalp were squeaky clean, bouncier, and shinier.  It’s now a part of my regular hair care routine.

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  1. 4.10.20
    pandi subash said:

    There is a range of natural ways to thicken thinning hair, but results will vary from person to person.Dermatologists suggest few products to make hair look thicker include:

    1. Eggs
    2. Olive oil
    3. Proper nutrition
    4. Orange puree
    5. Aloe gel
    6. Avocado
    7. Castor Oil

    • 5.27.20
      Liz said:

      Thank you for the information.


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